Bristol Transformed is a festival of politics and culture in which we will discuss and engage with the exciting ideas and innovations emerging from the Left. It is inspired by the World Transformed festival, which takes place alongside the Labour Party conference, and is planned and run by a group of volunteers. We were impressed by the quality and diversity of the the program, the parties and the audience, and we want to bring that spirit to Bristol!

People Powered Communities

Our theme is People Powered Politics, and we will be putting on a number of panels, workshops and social events exploring matters like public ownership, co-ops, climate change, race, trade unionism, gentrification and alternative media. Bristol faces growing inequality, rising living costs, increasingly visible homelessness and the threat or closure of a number of music venues, arts centers and clubs which have contributed to the spirit of the city. For too long we have lived under the shadow of Capitalist Realism, which tells us that there is no alternative to the way things are, regardless of it it’s what we want, or if it allows us to live in a happy or healthy society. This notion is starting to break down, and we want people to join together from across a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives to open their minds to the possibilities on the horizon that you don’t normally get to hear about from the education system or the media. We want to inspire people with a positive vision for the future and help illustrate how it can be achieved by working together, showing what people power is capable of.